Get a grip on your IT costs!

IT is not one-dimensional!

2control4IT is a company that operates at the intersection of Business Control, the IT organization and business activities. This is a unique perspective to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT organization.

IT is not just about cost!

Many customers experience IT as a cost center. It costs more money every year, but what it brings? A cluttered set of reports. Each month a higher bill. How can it be that every week we see the prices drop and we still pay more? This is typically the perspective on how the outside world looks at IT. However, this can also be very different. Because of available IT analysis can be made, products are developed and workflows can be simplified in such a way that it dramatically increases a company’s profitability. The trick is to make it visual.

IT is not a black box!

Despite IT’s own language, its own customs and habits, their own processes and systems, an IT organization can still become transparent. It is possible to create a link between IT and your business activities.

The past has shown that many companies struggle to maximise value from their IT organization, because they lack understanding of the actual costs of the IT organization. Besides that, many companies struggle with the relation between IT costs and business processes. IT is not a goal in itself but an enabler of business.

What does 2control4IT?

2control4ITis a company that specializes in making your IT costs transparent. Many companies have trouble achieving the maximum value from their IT organization, because they have insufficient insight into the actual costs of the IT processes and activities. Besides that they struggle with the connection between IT and business processes. IT in fact is not a goal in itself but an enabler of business processes.

2control4IT of working is a self-developed IT Added Value Model. Within the IT Added Value elements like Actvity Based Costing (abc), Activity Based Management (abm) and Activity Based Budgetting (abb) are of great importance. The model also makes use of IT processes such as ITIL and Cobit. The relationship between costs and volumes is crucial.

Combined power in Purple Bridge

As of 2018 2control4IT B.V. joined forces with Purple Bridge B.V. This way a strong base for Finance4IT has been created. More info on: Purple Bridge (only Dutch)